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To those, who don’t know our boat, I tell it in numbers :

Finmar Magnum

Our boat has been built in 1992 but put in the water in 1995 in Turku, Finland.

She has AD41DP Volvo Penta -95  200 hp diesel engine, which gives her abaut 30 knots top speed.

She is 26,5 ft, 8,05 meters long, with out bathing platform ( 1.5 ft) ,  9.5 ft , 2,9 meters wide and the weight of 3.5 tons.

She can carry about 350 liters petrol, 100 liters water and 75 liters of waste of toilet.

Because we don’t have too much warm weather in summer times, we have a webasto to warm it up. This is also why we picked up this kind of boat, with a cabin to drive in, not only a cabin to sleep and cook.

Even our late president Kekkonen used to have this kind of a boat, Finmar Commondore, 3 ft smaler

A man who build these boats, about little over 100 pieces, in 1975 – 1983 copied the idea  from Coronet.

The company had a bankruptcy in -83, but someone saved the mold of our boat and built with that about 10 new boats, so one of those is ours.

In summer 2015 we drove with Sarza2 1217 navymiles and she burned 1749 liters fuel

Last summer, -16, we drove 1398 navymiles and had 2216 liters of fuel consumption.

The difference is because I had different propellers. First summer A6 and last summer A5. I think I change back to A6.

This is a good boat, in my opinion .

And here is the happy captain.

I hope we see soon.




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