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It was warm, so we were just wandered around the nearby.

There were a nice place with a small waterfall, which was quote popular.



All the people here were Asian, so we were only ”white’s” here.






This ”kitchen” here ?? we didn’t know was it just a local family having a picnic or was it kind of a ”restaurant” ???

We did’t hesitate  to ask.

bur any how, the view was nice.

Our hotels owners arranged a table in some local restaurant for the evening.

Taxi picked us up and took us there where the restaurant owner was waiting us. And it was worth  of it.



We didn’t knew what we ordered, but all we got, was good.

There were some meet, fish and also wegetables .

And of course, you had to use only sticks, no knives and forks.

But it was not difficult to us.







And later the evening, just down from our hotel, was another waterfall, a little smaller, but it had lights in it.






My mobile phone don’t have a good camera, sorry about that.



Back to our hotel, I took some fotos..

Here is the bridge which now has a new Finnish made lock.





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