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With a help of the owner of our hotel, we could rent a car.

And because this city wasn’t too big, our car came from the airport, meaning, we could drive it back to airport in our last day

instead of a bus.

I took pictures all over the car and we needed them later..


The car was Hundai Sonata and the first one I’ve driven witch goes with gas,


And the other exception, it was an automatic, a little new way to to drive.

This was little difficult for me, every time I slowed a little bit, I tried to change to a smaller gear ?? but there were no  clutch pedal , so I pressed the brake down.

Neither me nor the passengers  did like it ……..

We ware lucky the car had a navigator, other vice it would be quite difficult to understand those writings they had.

All the addresses were marked with phone numbers in navigator. So, it was very easy to find a place to go. Just look the map,

All the companies had the phone number in the map. Now we knew why the map was full of numbers ,,,,,,,,,,,,

So the first target was  Seongsan Ilchulbongins crater.


There were the top of ”mountain” we should climb.

Well, it was really a hot day, over 30 C , and little over 200 meters to go.

We ware lucky there were every now and then some places to rest ourselves and sometimes even in the shadow.


This was  one of the hardiest climb I’ve had in my life.





But it was forth of it

I didn’t count the steps I took, but some I did ??










Winner takes it all , ,,,,

And the view was ,,,,,,,,,


Locals,,, they were thirsty also ….





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