A new boat awning

New cover


We think we’ve earned a new room, I mean in our boat, I didn’t want to make the boat longer, so the only way was to have more space up way.


So we decided to have a new cockpit awning to replace our old one.

It was too difficult to remove the targa and make it a little higher , so I had to make my self a raise.
20161017_113045I had to bay some mahogany board, use a little imagination and some clue.



20161018_143234 That’s how it looks before I varnish it.





It will give us 40 cm more space up.


20161020_104327I asked Hannele, whom I knew could do a good job.

I could use those old aluminum frame, just put 50 cm extension pieces.

She had to rope those pipes to right position.

Then starting to make a formula. fabric was kind a non-woven fabric, very thin but still quite hard.



It was a little windy weather, so it was not too easy for her.


But it was easy to me, I just tried to be off her feet.




20161020_131556 Here it is, with out zippers and windows.



20161020_134109  See you next time.



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